FairKids Field Trip Program




What other teachers are saying about the FairKids Field Trip Program

“I used the online map to plan where we would go throughout the day. I was able to get specific information about appropriate age levels for each exhibit and plan our route, with back up ideas”. Valley View Elementary School, Tricia Franklin

“Staff was great. I was able to speak with few of them on our little lunch break. They were very helpful. They made me feel as if my school children were the only children there”. Wickman Elementary School, Sue Thies

“It is an experience most of our students, and some parents never experience.” Dorsey High School, Candace Hoxie

“Honestly, I think it’s great! So glad the rides are not open during field trip hours. This lets students focus on the educational aspects of the fair”. Westfall Home School, Sheri Westfall

“This is one of our favorite field trips of the year. We love how easy it is to participate and how you embrace homeschoolers”. Secular Home Educators, Cass Romero

“Love the opportunity for my under privileged students to attend…thank you”. Rowan Avenue Elementary, Elena Valido

“We just didn't have enough time to see everything. It was a great experience for both the children and chaperones. Alot to learn and see”. Julian Charter School, Mina Zambrano

“My kids would never have visited the fair and had those hands on experiences, if it was not for the trip to the fair”. Bell Gardens Elementary, Esperanza Sandoval

“I thought it was great. We had a really fun day that didn't feel at all like we were skimping on the education”. Homeschool Family, Angie Weatherhead

“I had so many questions about this trip. I sent an email out to the Santee address on the form. My questions were answered right away. I couldn't believe how easy it was.” AVHomeschoolers, Michelle Schear

“The staff were excellent. They were very friendly, and great at directing us where to go.” Price Academy, Jennifer Price

“The students and parents are so appreciative and look forward it this trip every year! Many would not be able to go but for your generosity!” La Merced Elementary, Phil Tenorio

“So much to see. I love going each year! Thank you so much for this opportunity.” El Camino School, Cynthia Nichols

“Loved the fact that the kids got to go in before the general public. This was our first time visiting the fair as a school and we were very impressed. Can't think of a thing to make it better.” Castle Rock Elementary, Nicole Rodgers


If you have any additional questions please contact Shanell Fuquay at (909) 865-4075 or fuquay@fairplex.com