The Millard Sheets Gallery Presents:
“Art Treasures From the Attic”


“The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere…”
Paul Strand

Some of the most creative and unusual pieces of art can be found hidden among the dust and clutter in the attics and basements of the artists who created them. More than 6 years of gathering these treasures has culminated in one extraordinary and inspiring exhibit. Everyday materials, ordinary objects, unusual collections, and cast off pieces filtered through creative minds and skilled hands will become an exhibit of artistic creations as varied in visual beauty and personal interpretation as the artists themselves.

Expect the unexpected and prepare to be inspired as you stroll through setting after setting; each created especially for the artwork and artist it showcases. The settings themselves will become a form of art. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into a dusty attic or a forgotten basement as you discover how the artists see what lies within the objects that inspire them, how they work to share an interpretation with others, and what moves them to create. Have fun exploring hands-on examples of ordinary items or unexpected mediums that can be used to create unusual pieces.

Fair guests of all ages will be inspired by the creative demonstrations presented by more than 60 different artists throughout the Fair. Simple, yet engaging, workshops will also be available for the young and young-at-heart. Maybe you’ll be inspired to discover the art just waiting to be created in your own home or backyard.

Master storyteller, Jim Cogan, will once again enthrall guests with lively stories about the artists, their lives, and their work. Take a seat, relax, and let yourself soak in the inspiration.

These are just some of the unique pieces and collections you’ll find in our gallery:

• American Art Stones
     o Featuring a grouping of tabletop to monolithic         sized natural art stones mounted on hand crafted

• Whimsical sculptures made from found metal objects
     o Pots, pans, farm tools, etc.
• Wood assemblages carved into brilliant sculptures
     o Figurative animal abstract art

• Animated shadow boxes from around the world

• Miniature sized intricate Italian porcelain horse drawn
   carriages and figurines

• Unique art made from common objects presented in
   uncommon ways
     o World War II aviation art

• View Sculptures cast in bronze and plated metals by

• Enjoy kinetic art pieces such as whirligigs and other
   wind-driven pieces

A collection of unique artwork from sculptures to paintings and everything in between will be available for purchase in The Gallery Store.

“Art Treasures From the Attic” will inspire us to take a closer look at what we normally take for granted and truly see the beauty in the ordinary and everyday (and sometimes dust-covered) world around us.



Art & Fair
A 90 Year Celebration

This year’s exhibit features the stories behind the history of the fair, from its inception as a marketing tool to sell land in California to the educational forum for the agricultural industry and finally the fast rides and exhibits of today.  One of the most unique features of “THE FAIR” has always been the importance of art. Renowned storyteller, Jim Cogan and our docents will lead you through the timeline of mini-exhibits that give life to the artistic and historical marvels of the Fair’s past which features:


  • California’s 2nd Gold Rush: Trees to Treasure: A Citrus Bonanza
  • Creating the Largest County Fair in the World: Local History, Art &           Agriculture
  • The Best of Fair: 90 years of Great Fair Art
  • The Work of Millard Sheets: Bringing World Famous Art to the                  Community
  • Huzza-Huzza: Colorful Performing Artists of the Fair
  • Millard Sheets Center for the Arts: Famous Displays  of the Past
  • Paintings and Photo Images of Fair: Contemporary artworks by local artists
  • Fair Icons: Clocktower, Red Cars, Ski Jump, Monorails

As in years past, families and children of all ages are invited to “make art” in our Art Workshop. This year’s projects are created to explore the designs of the mosaic.  Millard Sheets’ mosaics can be seen on Chase Bank buildings throughout Southern California.  Our project reflects the connection between art, architecture and the history of California.

A variety of demonstrating artists working throughout the Center Exhibit will inspire and instruct students about developing their own artistic skills.


A team of workshop docents will offer hands-on workshop activities for students to apply their own expression through a variety of artistic mediums and create their own art with an understanding of concepts in the California Standards for Art Education.


Our gallery story will be filled with new arts and crafts designed by local artists from the Pomona Valley Art Association.

Come along with us on an adventure through 90 years of the L.A. County Fair through the art, artists and stories that made this experience memorable, educational, and community oriented. 



The Art of Collections

This year’s exhibit will be an exploration of different collections where history and education lead and transform our gallery into a passage through time. Journey through the historical, creative, artistic, and practical applications of each collection. Guests will not only view collections, large and small, but they will also have the opportunity to watch and learn from demonstrating artists working in similar mediums to each collection. The exhibit will also include docent and audio led tours, a professional storyteller, educational workshops and hands-on activities that will examine how historical collections have modern day applications.

Some examples of various collections will be:
• Nostalgic neon signage from all over Los Angeles.
• Tools that were designed for specific purposes, their importance to the past and how they’ve evolved to the present.
• Diverse collections of artworks and crafts designed for everyday use tell their story as a single piece and what they symbolize when they are put together as an eclection.
• Miniature architectural models that were built for well known buildings from around the world will be on display.
• Model railroad engines and railway cars will take you back to a time to your youth.
• Antique button collections such as those from the uniforms of soldiers, police officers and other civil servants, remind us how much these individuals have touched so many lives over the decades.




From the Industrial Age to the Computer Age…Three Centuries of Artistic Innovation


The Millard Sheets Center for the Arts at Fairplex presents our 2010 Fair Time exhibit which will start with the Industrial Revolution of the 1700s and end with the first punched card computers of the 1900s. We will demonstrate how mechanization of art and industry and changed the world forever. You will journey with us as we re-visit the machines that sprang to life, and the advancements in technology which joined together to create life-changing products such as stainless steel, titanium, plastics, synthetic fibers and acrylics. Art and ingenuity worked hand in hand with these new technologies sending artists on new and exciting adventures. 

In this period of time, motorized equipment, simplified travel and advancements in communication became the norm. Artists have not only benefited from these developments of the past 300 plus years, they have also been among the leaders in discovery and utilization of materials and methods which changed industry. You will see firsthand how the art of the past three centuries has evolved into the artist’s palette of today.

In contrast to last year’s exhibit of early art which came from the earth, this exhibit will be a look at contemporary times. We will capitalize on the juxtaposition of scale and energy output from enormous steam engines to tiny computer punched cards. Each, in their own ways, led to the creation of new methods and materials and the creation of new art forms. Hands-on workshops and demonstrating artists will continue to be an integral part of our exhibits. Join us as art through the ages comes alive this year at the L.A. County Fair! 



From the beginning of time, the need for artistic expression has driven human beings to find ways to portray creative thoughts in art. Cave man carved and painted the stone of cave walls to create images of the animals he hunted to eat. To do this he created carving tools and found color pigments from the earth. These first known artistic statements have endured the elements for 35,000 years. The earth has provided pigments for paint and clay for pottery. The discovery of the element of fire allowed man to heat and even melt metals to create functional tools and weapons for hunting. It also allowed him to harden clay for making pottery and artworks.

The purpose of the 2009 exhibition is to explore the inventiveness and creativity of mankind through history. It will include examples of art from around the world and throughout time. With the use of displays and demonstrations, visitors will learn about how art is created and how artists’ knowledge and ability to invent has led to the formation of methods which have resulted in innovative creative expression. 

Demonstrations will include: Ceramics, glassblowing, metalworking, painting/drawing, weaving, printing, and more. Demonstrators may allow visitors to attempt the processes.




The Horse in Art, Legend, and Action

A horse is worth more than riches.
~Spanish Proverb

Lesson Plans
Myth of the Trojan Horse

Portrayals of the horse in art and history emphasize the admirable qualities of this majestic animal – strong, capable, magical. From early cave drawings to Remington’s Old West sculptures, no other animal has so evoked the spirit of adventure and independence. In societies around the world, horses stand as symbols of freedom, of strength, power and success.

In a tribute to this awesome creature, the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts presents HOOFPRINTS: The Horse in Art, Legend and Action, an exhibition of the horse’s portrayal in art, the evolution of the horse in history, and how the horse has been utilized in action. The dynamic exhibit is directed by Tony Sheets.

The visitor’s experience will begin with the re-creation of the caves of Lascaux, France where, 30,000 years ago, primitive man made the first known drawings of the horse. Once visitors pass through the caves, they will embark on a chronological journey around the world from the earliest examples of man’s relationship with the horse, beginning 6,000 years ago in Kazakhstan to contemporary examples of sculpture, paintings and artifacts that document the horse’s place in art and history.  The visitor will encounter the horse in mythology and see horses at work, from knights, Calvary and cowboys to stage coaches, farming and racing.


A Tapestry of Life:
The World of Millard Sheets

Presented by

This year’s fine art exhibition at the L.A. County Fair, A Tapestry of Life: The World of Millard Sheets, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Center’s namesake.  This art experience will be a unique and educational retrospective of his life as seen through the world of art and the national and international events that have taken place in the last century.

List of Selected Works and Comments


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Contemporary Landscapes
The works in this exhibition retain the element of fascination with the landscape, but this initial form of attraction is challenged and calls for penetrating reading of each. The works playfully shift between mindscapes and landscapes. More>


Beyond Heritage
Beyond Heritage
, running from November 2 though December 16, 2006, features twenty-two artists of Latino, Hispanic, or Chicano origin living or working in the Inland Empire region.  The exhibition is in collaboration with the Riverside Art Museum and builds on the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts' successful 2005 exhibit, Latino Artists of Los Angeles: Defining Self & InspirationBeyond Heritageaims to bring attention to those artists living and working in areas outside Los Angeles who are often overlooked in similar exhibitions.  The exhibit further investigates cultural identity with artists who draw inspiration from their heritage, but who work with contemporary aesthetics, imagery, and issues, rather than traditional iconography or practices. More>

Fair Exchange
This exhibition ran from September 1 – November 11, 2006 at the Millard Sheets Gallery.  It featured Los Angeles-based artists whose contemporary work critically engages the L.A. County Fair and its traditions . . .More>


Latino Artists of Los Angeles: Defining Self & Inspiration
We are in the midst of an exciting boom in Latino art with emerging Latino artists creating important works, galleries and museums exhibiting their art, and publishers producing books about their work.  The art in this exhibition allows the viewer to see the influences, motivation, inspiration, and intentions of the contemporary, emerging Los Angeles Latino artist:  historical influences that come from the great Mexican artists of the past; motivations that develop from the artist’s immediate history: civil rights and political autonomy; inspiration that emerges from their families, spirituality, and personal heroes; and finally, their intentions to better the lives of themselves, their families, and their people.  From traditional cultural icons to expressionistic images to realistic portraits and documentary video, the Latino artist is creating across a broad spectrum of contemporary art. More>>


Master Woodworker, Sam Maloof: One Half Century of Woodworking and Design
The Millard Sheets Center for the Arts presented this exhibition from April 3 – May 2, 2004.  The spring exhibition featured an assortment of 25-30 pieces of furniture, mostly from the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation collection.  The selections chosen documented the progression and evolution of Maloof’s designs from 1950 through present.  Early pieces with seats formed of economically practical clothesline or leather laces, examples of upholstered pieces and ones entirely of beautifully grained wood, early and late rocking chairs, swinging cradles, music stands and liturgical furnishings – this exhibit covered the vast span of Maloof’s twenty-five-hundred-piece career.  For those interested in technique, there were examples of Maloof’s skilled joinery, his all-wood hinges and unique latches.  The range included a wide variety of wood choices, all finished to a lustrous sheen.  Whenever available, anecdotal tales, as told by Maloof himself, accompanied the furniture pieces to give contextual content to the experience. More>>
Love: Whimsy and Wonder - Art from the Heart.
Presented by Ameriquest
The 2004 presentation promises a playful look at love. From love lost to love found, from love's allegory to love across time, enjoy love's whimsy and wonder through the eyes and hands of world renowned artists.
The "Living" Room: Art as an Accessory
In 1954, Millard Sheets organized an exhibition entitled The Arts of Daily Living, dedicated to and attended by Frank Lloyd Wright. The exhibition was sponsored by House Beautiful, and covered extensively in their October 1954 issue.... More>>



Carved, Chiseled, Cast: Figurative Sculpture
Last year, the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts hosted a Carl Milles sculpture exhibition. The enormous interest in sculpture evidenced by this exhibition, coupled with the Gallery's second-year partnership with A Community of Angels....




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