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Community and Fairplex

Fairplex strives to achieve a culture of creativity, innovation and continual improvement. We are dedicated to the community we serve by providing an educational, social and public value.

As early as 1923, the second LA County Fair, communities throughout Southern California were honored with their day at the Fair which included tickets issued to local school children to come to the big show.

That spirit of community has expanded with special programming for Community Days that now embrace 17 surrounding communities and the county of Los Angeles. Each is honored during the course of the Fair with a parade that highlights officials and community members, an expo showcasing their city, a day at the races and culminating with a ceremony celebrating the distinguished community heroes from each city. Since it began in 1997, nearly 400 individuals have been honored.

Fairplex is involved in a number of valuable programs on a regular basis. The Fair meets with groups from several communities throughout the year to gather their ideas, input and concerns about events and plans for the facility, and Pomona Boys & Girls Club volunteers and Fairplex employees spruce up the surrounding neighborhood during the Fair. Fairplex staff volunteers with several service organizations throughout the community and Fairplex participates in Pomona’s critically acclaimed Youth and Family Master Plan, designed to send a positive message and work directly with the youth in the community.

Education Programs

Adopt a School

Yorba Elementary School in Pomona is the “adopted” school of Fairplex. Students, parents and teachers, escorted by Fair mascots, annually walk from the school to the Fair for Yorba’s very own day at the Fair, where they enjoy food donated and prepared by Fair concessionaires.

FairKids Field Trips

Since its inception in 1998, more than a million students and teachers have discovered the magic of the LA County Fair. Students attend as part of a unique learning experience and visit the Fair’s educational exhibits. The program begins three hours before the grounds open Wednesdays through Fridays.

The Learning Centers at Fairplex

TLC serves to support the educational programs of Fairplex:  
Child Development Center at Fairplex, Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC),
Fairtime Education and Junior Fair Board. TLC remains committed to its mission of improving and enhancing the educational opportunities at Fairplex and at the LA County Fair while utilizing the resources in our own backyard.
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Junior Fair Board

The Junior Fair Board was established in 2004 as part of The Learning Centers at Fairplex. To date more than 200 students have participated. This outstanding group of students applied for a place on the board which includes a mentorship with Los Angeles County Fair Association and staff.