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The conference center's Sonoma Ballroom is perfect for a social event.

The conference center's California ballroom is perfect for special events.

The conference center features state-of-the-art technology.


The conference center lobby features beautiful curved arches.

The conference center looks lovely at night.

The conference center Boardroom, with a granite tabletop.

The California Ballroom seats 1,000 guests.
The spacious dining room at McKinley's Grille
The Garden Room at McKinley's
The patio at McKinley's is an ideal space for a number of events.
Our wine pavilion, Meritage, offers a lovely Tuscan-themed setting
Table to Farm Dinner set up at the farm.



Chef Teig prepares a meal fresh from McKinley's farm.
Guests at the Table to Farm Dinner.
Fairplex offers both indoor and outdoor locations for a number of events including weddings, engagement paties and more.


Judges taste wine entries at the 2008 L.A. International Wine Competition Competition staff pours wine for the judges. Competition in progress.  
Fairplex Wine Cellar: Home to all entries for the L.A. International Wine Competition Wine being poured at Cheers: L.A.'s Wine, Spirits, Beer & Food Festival (formerly known as FUN Decanted) "Man Eater"
ArtReach: The Art of Food 2013


"S'mores Cupcake"
ArtReach: The Art of Food 2013

"Reflection of Indifference"
ArtReach: The Art of Food 2013

Additional ArtReach photos available on Flickr