Expo Hall 4 - Specifications & Floors Plans



Square Footage Dimensions
105,600 -770' from stage to north wall. Width center line of pillar to center line of pillar - 130' 7"East wall to west wall dimension of 133' 7" to a widest dimension of 146' 7"
Electrical Utilities
9 overhead raceways - one plug in busway.  208/120 volts. 30-4w 600 amps. One 400 amp, 3 pole - 208/120v - 30 - 4w for portable dimming system equipment power. One 100 amp, 3 pole - 208/120v - 30 - 4w for audio system equipment power branch circuit panel boards are located along the east and west walls.  120v, 20 amp receptacles for future connection of 120v for exposition booths along these walls.  System allows for a maximum demand load of 1200 watts at 120v - lighting consists of 1000 watts and 400w metal-halide-100FC.  Lights floor to ceiling: 30'. Wall outlets: East walls. Branch circuit panel boards. 120 volts. 20 amps.
Gas and compressed air lines only.   Heating 120,000 CFM 2,500.00 BTUs of heating.  Heating medium is hot water.   Cooling is new, state-of-the-art air-conditioning system.
Telephone: 64 multi-line line ceiling drops and wall points access. Ethernet: 64 zones of dual speed 10/100mb (TX) switched segments fed from central drops and wall points via 4 redundant backbone segments (FX). Internet: 45mb DS3 connection/Firewall protected.
Pedestrian Access Restrooms
Varies from 3' x 7' to 7'2" x 7' a pair.  All are accessible by the handicapped. 3 each - east wall.  Ladies: reg - handicap.  Mens: reg - handicap.


  1. 64' wide x 19' high at center and 14' at ends.  Wood floors.
  2. Main curtain 19'6" high.
  3. Stage height from floor is 3'6" (no handicap access to the stage)
  4. 8 dressing rooms on stage.   2 restrooms on stage.  2 restrooms on second floor.
  5. Ceiling height varies from a low of 19' at exterior walls to 51' at ridge connection to 56'6" at high point of room.
17' wide x 14' high (5)