Fairplex Park The historic racetrack has a 5/8th's mile track and beautiful infield that can accommodate very large events including concerts, picnics, motorsports and barbecues.
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Barn 9A The covered barn is used for demonstrations, judging and viewing. it's also available to horse owners, for a small fee, needing a place to exercise horses during inclement weather. The structure has covered roof, open sides and dirt floor.
Milking Parlor The historic site is used during the Fair for milking demonstrations, housing of cows and milk processing. It is an excellent location for filming.
Livestock Barns The barns can accommodate a large number of cattle and other livestock for displays, judging and shows. There are bleachers for spectators.
Covered Arena The covered arena, with bleachers for spectators, is used to house horses appearing in the annual Rose Parade, horses that need workouts during rainy weather and shows both year-round and during the Fair. The multi-functional arena features multiple shows daily during the Fair.
Warm-Up Arena The spacious warm-up arena can easily accommodate horse shows and presentations.
Small Animal Barn The small animal barn can be utilized for sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, cavies and other displayed animals. The building has a dirt floor, covered roof and open sides.
Dr. Bob's Ice Cream Nationally renowned Dr. Bob's Ice Cream is manufactured at its plant at Fairplex.
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Fruit & Vegetable Garden This is a very impressive urban garden and the site of exclusive events featuring table to farm dinners paired with wines and spirits. The garden provides fruit, vegetables and herbs to the chef at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel for fresh healthy eating. It also plays a huge role in the educational programming for The Learning Centers at Fairplex.
Dude Ranch Featured during the Fair as the Dude Ranch with various activities; the area is on asphalt with a wooden plank fence. Could be utilized for presentations and filming.
Outside Arena The covered arena is the site of first-class horse shows year-round and during the Fair. Spacious and aesthetically pleasing with covered bleachers for guests.