A Program of The Learning Centers at Fairplex
About CTEC

Working with the LACFA and the Fairplex Education Foundation, CTEC provides students with superior, results-driven technical and career training, preparing them to produce effectively in a rapidly changing economy, achieve educational, financial and personal goals and make a positive contribution to community life. Fairplex has a combination of assets that recommend it for this type of undertaking: an 87-year history as a strong community resource, a 543-acre physical space and a learning “laboratory” on the Fairplex grounds.

CTEC offers an educational opportunity that does not exist in Southern California. The concept has the philosophical and financial support of legislators, universities, community colleges, school districts, foundations and industries. It provides a supportive pathway to high school graduation, apprenticeships, job training, college enrollment and the potential for superior earning power after high school graduation.

"CTEC Fairplex's Career and Technical Education Center offers our students a wonderful community classroom experience,” says Mark Maine, Ph.D., Pomona Unified School District. “[In] a classroom that enables them to apply their academic and technical knowledge in a professional setting.