A Program of The Learning Centers at Fairplex
Ways to Donate

Since CTEC classes are provided at no cost to the student, the Learning Centers at Fairplex (Federal Tax ID#95-4686764) must raise the necessary funds for the operation of CTEC programming.  The organization invites individuals, businesses, service organizations, and other community partners to join this partnership and give students an opportunity to gain the core knowledge and work ethic necessary to increase their career options after high school.

All gifts to CTEC are tax-deductible and may be made in a variety of forms, including:

  • Cash: Donors may make a cash gift and/or pledge through a written commitment to continue a gift over a certain time period.
  • In-Kind: Due to the nature of CTEC programming, donors may provide in-kind donations of labor/professional services, materials, supplies, etc.  For example, a donor can provide art materials for the Ceramics class or sewing fabric for the Fabric/Fashion/Merchandising class.
  • Property: Gifts can take the form of property such as securities, real estate, works of art and other personal items.  Gifts of appreciated securities have special tax advantages to donors.  The Fairplex development team and your attorney or tax planner can assist you in making gifts of this type.
  • Bequests: Bequests are gifts made through a will or trust.  Charitable bequests reduce the size of a donor’s taxable estate and therefore may be advantageous for estate planning purposes.  The Fairplex development team can provide you with appropriate bequest language.
  • Life Income: There are opportunities for donors to receive income from contributions of cash, securities or other property. The Learning Centers at Fairplex invests the assets and pays income to the donor and his or her spouse or other beneficiaries for a predetermined period, often over a lifetime. When the “life interests” end, the remaining principal is used to support the work of CTEC.

For exclusive underwriting and recognition opportunities, please contact:

Laura Gallardo, Director of Development
(909) 865-4206 or gallardo@fairplex.com