A Program of The Learning Centers at Fairplex
Why is CTEC important

Why CTEC? An emphasis on college preparatory education in U.S. high schools has marginalized vocational training programs, creating a shortage of skilled technical workers. This is especially true in Southern California, which is experiencing a 30 percent increase in jobs requiring technical skills. The situation also generates a significant population of high school students with little chance for a meaningful job with a living wage and an opportunity for advancement.

Compounding the problem is a shocking high school drop-out rate in California. One of every four high school students drops out; in Los Angeles County, the rate is one of every three. Educators, legislators and community leaders know this situation cannot continue without a lasting negative impact on California’s economy and social fabric.

CTEC fills this education gap by providing a strong foundation of job-applicable skills. At CTEC students gain an understanding of and appreciation for the importance of a particular job as well as the rigorous training and education necessary to obtain that job and perform successfully.