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Jan31, 2013 - Feb 02, 2013

09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Horse Expo

Location: Fairplex

Here are a few things that will be taking place at the Horse Expo:

Horse Expo Pomona will showcase some of the greatest talents and educators in the horse world. Most presenters have seminars every day with progressions or changing topics. Make sure to look at our complete schedule for the details.

Trail Symposium
Join us in what has become a truly unique summit where politicians and concerned horsemen combine resources to address land use issues. Also in this forum learn about trail use, locations, camping, back country, and safety.

Breed Demonstrations
Every year meet a select group of Breeds brought to you by the national registries representing the confirmation, temperament and qualities unique to each breed in full regalia. Be sure to attend this event as it will include presentations of the utmost quality.

Young Rider Park
A welcoming event for youngsters of all ages featuring clinicians for the young riders, games and contests, horse painting and cookie making for the youngest horsemen.

Book Corral
Meet today's authors of some of the most noteworthy titles available. Join the authors in an intimate setting of storytelling, discussion and autographs.

Horse Expo University
An educational environment where experts from universities all around the country meet with attendees to discuss varying topics such as nutrition, breeding, soundness, conformation and more.
76.9% of you guys say this is why you come!
Great American Truck Display
The American truck manufacturers have pulled out all the stops. If you drive a truck (most of us do) you will be amazed what FORD, CHEVROLET, and DODGE are doing for us now! It's all about pulling, being confortable and looking good! Right here all three manufacturers are putting their best foot forward to impress you with their latest designs and power.
Art Show
An area on the trade show floor dedicated to our talented equestrian artists, many of which participate in our juried art show in Sacramento.

• $18 per day
• $10 for children 7-13 (children 6 and under free)
• $45 for 3-day pass
• $10 for parking 
• $12 Senior Thursday
Click here to buy tickets online now.

For more informations call (530) 672-7490 or visit

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