Contemporary Landscapes
September 7-september 30 ,2007

Photographic works by
Joyce Campbell, Soo Kim, Frank Kunert, Han Nguyen,   Bruna Stude, William A  Long, Kimi Kolba, Nicole Belle, Noga Elhasid & Halit Mandelblit.
+installation by Shinichi Ono

Curator : Tal Yizrael

The term “Landscape” was introduced to English language and awareness with the Dutch landscape paintings of the sixteenth century. Therefore, since its very beginning “landscape” has expressed an experience of space that includes the artist’s gaze.
Frank Kunert, Sonnenseite (Sunny Side),c-print,2002

Soo Kim, Hell, hand-cut found photograph, 2004

Han Nguyen, Birds walking,silver print, 1998

It was not a main subject in visual art, however, until the seventeenth century. To that point it had been applied nearly exclusively as the background to figures, illustrations or events.

Photography at its infancy was meant to copy reality as a form of reporting and recording. Often landscape photography, in other than its role as exhibiting fascinations with and appreciations of nature, was a form of proof of the existence of a place. This was especially true if it documented a remote location to which the average viewer had limited or no access.

Photographs from remote locations are frequently testaments to the adventurism of the photographer and add a “halo of heroism” to the action of taking the picture. In this way not only the final product, namely the photograph, is glorified but also the photographer’s courage. Just sharing the photographs of one’s journey provides an opportunity to tell unusual or exceptional stories.

The works in this exhibition retain the element of fascination with the landscape, but this initial form of attraction is challenged and calls for a penetrating reading of each. The works playfully shift between mindscapes and landscapes.

Nicole Belle, Embroidery (Red #2), inkjet print and thread,2006

Brune Stude,Circels,2006

Noga Elhasid & Halit Mandelblit. Flying Smile Project,2000

JoyceCampbell, scopolamine amberotype,2007

Artists panel
September 9 ,2007, 7:00pm
September 19,2007, 8:30 pm
Guided tours:
Thursdays at 5:00pm


The photographers in this exhibition take the viewer on their journeys – journeys of metaphoric adventurous minds – while the very action of examining the photographs turns into an adventure unto itself.

Kimi Kolba ,wave, inkjet print,2007

William A Long,2007



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