The Millard Sheets Center for the Arts is located on the grounds of Fairplex in Pomona

Open during the L.A. County Fair Aug. 30 – Sept. 29, 2013


In my travels over the past six years locating artworks to use in earlier exhibits I was often able to look through the attics, basements and storage areas of artists who worked in all mediums. I found wonderful examples of fine art pieces done in untraditional manners.

These are a few of the unique artworks that we will present this year:

  • Intricate Italian porcelain horse drawn carriages and figurines.
  • Whimsical pop riveted sculptures made from found metal objects and painted to add to their character.
  • Wood assemblages carved into brilliant sculptures.
  • Puppets from around the world.
  • Installation artworks created for and in the gallery.
  • Neon creatures swimming in a world of their own.
  • Assemblages of art made from common objects presented in uncommon ways.
  • Period sculptures cast in bronze and plated metals.
  • Kinetic artworks spinning in their windy setting.
  • And more to come each day from now to Fair-time.

My plan for this exhibit is to create settings for the artworks which in themselves tell a story about the artists and their approach to art. Their artworks will be examples of what each artists sees that lies within the materials they are working with, and how they make their art happen. This will be yet another exposure to our visitors, young and old, of how the artist thinks and works to share their interpretation of a creative idea with others.

As I choose the art I will begin my creative design work of how the gallery will be laid out. Repeat visitors to the Gallery can expect to see a new approach to the layout and displays, which  in themselves will be art forms. Our support teams are readying themselves for the work ahead.

Nelson is pouring over my planned ideas to calculate the needed materials and manpower to create them. His wife Dawn is in the process of contacting the artists who will demonstrate live in the gallery during Fair, 60+ in 2012! She and PVAA are beginning to collect the artworks which will be available for purchase in the Gallery Store.

Meanwhile, our story teller Jim Cogan is setting up meetings with the artists whose artworks we will be borrowing, to hear their stories in order to share them with our visitors through his talent and well chosen words. It is indeed a team effort, and we look forward to sharing it with all who come in September.

Best and thanks,
Tony Sheets
Exhibition Designer & Director


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