Traditional Categories

2014 Style Guidelines

Brewers Association Style Guide

Based on Brewers Association 2013 Beer Style Guidelines published by Brewers Association with changes

1. American-Style Wheat Beer
A. Subcategory: Light American Wheat Ale or Lager without Yeast
B. Subcategory: Dark American Wheat Ale or Lager without Yeast

2. American-Style Wheat Beer With Yeast
A. Subcategory: Light American Wheat Ale or Lager with Yeast
B. Subcategory: Dark American Wheat Ale or Lager with Yeast

3. Fruit Beer
*Brewer must indicate fruit/vegetable used as well as underlying style of beer

4. Fruit Wheat Beer
*Brewer must indicate fruit/vegetable used as well as underlying style of beer

5. Field Beer or Pumpkin Beer
A. Subcategory: Field Beer
B. Subcategory: Pumpkin Beer

6. Herb and Spice Beer
*Brewer must indicate herb/spice used as well as underlying style of beer

7. Chocolate Beer

8. Coffee Flavored Beer

9. Specialty Beer
*Brewer must indicate any special ingredients or style

10. Rye Beer
A. Subcategory: Rye Ale or Lager with or without Yeast
B. Subcategory: German-Style Rye Ale with or without Yeast

11. Specialty Honey Beer

12. Session Beer

13. Other Strong Beer
A. Subcategory: Other Strong Ale or Lager
B. Subcategory: American-Style Imperial Porter
C. Subcategory: American-Style Wheat Wine Ale

14. Experimental Beer
A. Subcategory: Experimental Beer
B. Subcategory: Fresh Hop Ale
*Brewer must indicate fruit/vegetable used as well as underlying style of beer

15. Indigenous Beer

16. Gluten-Free Beer

17. American-Belgo-Style Ale
A. Subcategory: Pale American-Belgo-Style Ale
B. Subcategory: Dark American-Belgo-Style Ale

18. American-Style Sour Ale
A. Subcategory: American-Style Sour Ale
B. Subcategory: Fruited American-Style Sour Ale

19. American-Style Brett Ale

20. Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer
A. Subcategory: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Pale to Amber Beer
B. Subcategory: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Dark Beer

21. Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer

22. Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout

23. Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer
A. Subcategory: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer
B. Subcategory: Fruited Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer

24. Aged Beer

25. Kellerbier/Zwickelbier
A. Subcategory: Unfiltered German-Style Lager
B. Subcategory: Unfiltered German-Style Ale

26. Smoke Beer
A. Subcategory: Bamberg–Style Rauchbier
B. Subcategory: Smoke Porter
C. Subcategory: Smoke Beer

27. American-Style or International– Style Pilsener
A. Subcategory: American-Style Pilsener
B. Subcategory: International-Style Pilsener

28. German-Style Pilsener

29. Bohemian–Style Pilsener

30. Munich–Style Helles

31. Dortmunder or German-Style Oktoberfest
A. Subcategory: Dortmunder/European-Style Export
B. Subcategory: German-Style Oktoberfest/Wiesen

32. American–Style Lager, Light Lager or Premium Lager
A. Subcategory: American–Style Light (Low Calorie) Lager
B. Subcategory: American-Style Low-Carbohydrate Light Lager
C. Subcategory: American–Style Lager
D. Subcategory: American–Style Premium Lager

33. American–Style Specialty Lager or Cream Ale or Lager
A. Subcategory: American-Style Ice Lager
B. Subcategory: American-Style Malt Liquor
C. Subcategory: American-Style Cream Ale or Lager

34. Vienna–Style Lager

35. German–Style Märzen

36. American–Style Amber Lager
A. Subcategory: American-Style Amber Lager
B. Subcategory: California Common Beer
C. Subcategory: American–Style Märzen/Oktoberfest

37. European–Style Dunkel

38. American-Style Dark Lager

39. German–Style Schwarzbier

40. Bock
A. Subcategory: Traditional German–Style Bock
B. Subcategory: German–Style Heller Bock/Maibock

41. German–Style Doppelbock or Eisbock
A. Subcategory: German–Style Doppelbock
B. Subcategory: German–Style Eisbock

42. Baltic-Style Porter

43. Golden or Blonde Ale

44. German–Style Kölsch

45. English-Style Summer Ale

46. Classic English–Style Pale Ale

47. English-Style India Pale Ale

48. International–Style Pale Ale

49. American–Style Pale Ale

50. American-Style Strong Pale Ale

51. American-Style India Pale Ale

52. Imperial India Pale Ale

53. American–Style Amber/Red Ale

54. Imperial Red Ale

55. English-Style Mild Ale
A. Subcategory: English-Style Pale Mild Ale
B. Subcategory: English-Style Dark Mild Ale

56. Ordinary or Special Bitter
A. Subcategory: Ordinary Bitter
B. Subcategory: Special Bitter or Best Bitter

57. Extra Special Bitter
A. Subcategory: English-Style Extra Special Bitter
B. Subcategory: American-Style Strong Bitter

58. Scottish–Style Ale
A. Subcategory: Scottish–Style Light Ale
B. Subcategory: Scottish–Style Heavy Ale
C. Subcategory: Scottish–Style Export Ale

59. Irish–Style Red Ale

60. English–Style Brown Ale

61. American–Style Brown Ale

62. American–Style Black Ale

63. German–Style Altbier

64. German-Style Sour Ale
A. Subcategory: Berliner–Style Weisse
B. Subcategory: Leipzig-Style Gose

65. South German–Style Hefeweizen

66. German–Style Wheat Ale
A. Subcategory: South German-Style Kristal Weizen
B. Subcategory: German-Style Leichtes Weizen
C. Subcategory: South German-Style Bernsteinfarbenes Weizen
D. Subcategory: South German-Style Dunkel Weizen
E. Subcategory: South German-Style Weizenbock

67. Belgian–Style Witbier

68. French- and Belgian-Style Saison

69. Belgian– and French-Style Ale
A. Subcategory: Belgian–Style Blonde Ale
B. Subcategory: Belgian–Style Pale Ale
C. Subcategory: French–Style Bière de Garde
D. Subcategory: Belgian-Style Table Beer
E. Subcategory: Other Belgian– and French-Style Ale

70. Belgian–Style Lambic or Sour Ale
A. Subcategory: Belgian–Style Lambic
B. Subcategory: Belgian–Style Gueuze Lambic
C. Subcategory: Belgian–Style Fruit Lambic
D. Subcategory: Belgian–Style Flanders/Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale
E. Subcategory: Other Belgian–Style Sour Ale

71. Belgian-Style Abbey Ale
A. Subcategory: Belgian–Style Dubbel
B. Subcategory: Belgian–Style Tripel
C. Subcategory: Belgian–Style Quadrupel
D. Subcategory: Other Belgian-Style Abbey Ale

72. Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale
A. Subcategory: Belgian–Style Pale Strong Ale
B. Subcategory: Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale
C. Subcategory: Other Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale

73. Brown Porter

74. Robust Porter

75. Classic Irish–Style Dry Stout

76. Foreign–Style Stout

77. American–Style Stout

78. Sweet Stout

79. Oatmeal Stout

80. Imperial Stout
A. Subcategory: British-Style Imperial Stout
B. Subcategory: American-Style Imperial Stout

81. Scotch Ale
A. Subcategory: Traditional Scotch Ale
B. Subcategory: Peated Scotch Ale

82. Old Ale or Strong Ale
A. Subcategory: Old Ale
B. Subcategory: Strong Ale

83. Barley Wine Style Ale
A. Subcategory: British Style Barley Wine Ale
B. Subcategory: American Style Barley Wine Ale

84. Standard Cider & Perry
A. Subcategory: Common Cider
B. Subcategory: English Cider
C. Subcategory: French Cider
D. Subcategory: Common Perry
E. Subcategory: Traditional Perry
F. Subcategory: Other