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The Fields sport event hosting: the Fairplex offers a multitude of venues, and does not leave out the lovers of all things sports related. New large and impressive Soccer fields, all FIFA regulated, boasting with 487 acres. Fairplex prides itself as a prime venue institution, offering affordable rental rates, and allowing companies to bring their unique brand to the forefront of the public eye. Multiple types of sports can be accommodated in the 7 exhibit halls, such as roller derby and boxing matches, and each hall is air-conditioned for the comfort of the athletes and the audience. A large grass infield which can hold up to 10,000 viewers in the grandstand seating, is perfect for hosting large music or cultural events, or of course sporting events. Renting equipment and venue space for your sporting event is more than just space, The Fairplex is surrounded by prime areas for tourism, such as Disneyland, Dodger stadium, Angel stadium, and more! Besides a large customer environment, Fairplex also offers luxurious accommodations for customers at the Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center, perfect for a full vacation stay for your customers.

2022 Soccer Rates

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