Neighborhood Response System (NRS)

Greetings Neighbors,
We are excited to introduce a new system we have developed just for you, our neighbors. Over the years we have had various numbers to receive calls or concerns that you may have about events or various issues on our campus (i.e. suspicious activity, water main leak, lighting issues, noise, etc.). Some of you have used the Gate 1 phone number, some call the “neighborhood line”, some have a personal staff connection, etc. Our goal is to streamline this process and get you direct access to those who can respond to your needs quickly. In addition, we will be tracking the concerns in order to anticipate issues and be more proactive in avoiding them in the future.

How it works

Neighbors are encouraged to call, text or email issues you have 24/7. All of these actions will be directed to the NRS (Neighborhood Response System) phone and the NRS team member on call.

Each week an NRS team member on call will carry the phone to ensure there is always a person who can receive and respond to the issue. By having a designated team member carry the phone, it will reduce the number of people who are involved in the solution and allow for a quicker response. NRS team members are from various departments but always well connected to the resources on campus to implement changes or address needs.

What you can expect

While our intent is to answer each call as they are received, there may be times when the NRS team member cannot answer immediately. If you leave a message or a text, you will receive a call back within the hour. If for some reason you do not receive a call back within 1 hour, please call Gate 1 at (909) 865-4600. Emails will be responded to within 2 hours unless they are received between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. In such cases the response will be by 8 a.m.

Once you are in touch with an NRS team member, our team will obtain your contact information (so we can follow up with you), the details of your concern, and let you know what can or cannot be done. While we go to great lengths to mitigate any negative impact to our neighbors, there may be times when changes are not able to be made or not able to be fixed immediately. For example, traffic during peak times of the Fair, while regulated with PD, may or may not present temporary challenges that are unavoidable.

After the issue has been addressed, our team will follow-up with you to inform you of the outcome of your concern and if there is any further action.

Monthly reviews of all calls and emails received will be conducted to identify areas we can be more proactive and further mitigate any future issues where possible. Lastly, all concerns will be shared with our CEO Monday mornings for the previous week and with our Board and the City of Pomona monthly.

Please note that this number is only for issues and concern of immediate need. If you have a question about up coming events such as where to park, cost for admission, concert dates, etc, please use the general information phone number, (909) 623-3111, or visit our website

To be sure you always have this number handy, we are providing the enclosed magnet for quick access. We hope you are as excited about this new system as we are!

The Fairplex Community Team