LA County Fair Sponsorship Opportunities

The LA County Fair offers one-on-one interaction with interested consumers of all ages through high-quality experiential marketing. Our guests are reflective of the highly diverse Southern California marketplace. Through custom programming, we have a proven track record of attracting diverse target audiences to the event. We offer unparalleled media exposure, reaching more than 20 million active Southern California consumers in the LA DMA. Whether your goal is to increase sales or create a buzz about your brand, the LA County Fair team will create a customized sponsorship program to maximize your return on investment. Click below for more demographic details.

Impact: More than 1.2 million Fair Guests in 2017

Buying Power: Average household income of $73,799

Reach: Centrally located in Southern California, drawing from Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura Counties

Visibility: Impressive $2.9 million total media value

Quality: Unparalleled attractions received record-high customer satisfaction ratings in 2017

Magnitude: Nearly a quarter million people served through community benefit programs such as food drives, blood drives and free field trips


Residence by Zip Code

Demographics for LA County Fair 2017

The vast majority of guest come from five counties: Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, Ventura


Guest gender data for LA County Fair 2017


Guest ethinicity data for LA County Fair 2017


Guest age data for LA County Fair 2017


Guest income data for LA County Fair 2017


Guest education data for LA County Fair 2017



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