2018 Modern Pentathlon at Fairplex

The 2018 Modern Pentathlon World Cup is coming to Southern California at Fairplex featuring several sports including swimming, horsemanship, running, shooting and fencing.

History of Modern Pentathlon

Modern Pentathlon was introduced to the world in the 5th Olympiad in Stockholm, Sweden in 1912.

Pierre De Coubertin, the Founder of the International Olympic Committee, believed the modern pentathlon "tested a man’s moral qualities as much as his physical resources and skills, producing thereby the ideal, complete athlete.”

The Modern Pentathlon was inspired by the traditional track and field pentathlon held during the ancient Olympics. Modern was added to the title to distinguish it from the ancient version.

The original pentathlon events were modeled after the skills needed by an ideal Greek soldier at that time. The competitor was to ride an unfamiliar horse, fight enemies with pistol and sword, swim, and run to return to his own soldiers.

The newer modern pentathlon events are modeled after the skills needed by a more modern day cavalry behind enemy lines.

The name derives from the Greek word “péntathlon” meaning "contest of five events".

Famous World War II General George S. Patton finished fifth in the first ever Olympic Modern Pentathlon.

Click here to learn more about USA Modern Pentathlon. Remember to mark your calendar for March 26 - 30 (Monday - Friday)