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plan a field trip

Admission and parking is FREE to The FairKids Field Trip Program, which takes place Wednesday - Friday, during the LA County Fair, September 6 - 22. Field trips are open to public schools, private schools and home schools, reservations are required for all field trips.

There are several dates available for participating schools and groups.Available dates are listed on the registration page. It is recommended you check with your transportation department prior to booking your date, to ensure busing is available. If you're looking to beat the crowd, the first week of FairKids and Wednesdays have the lowest attendance.

All LA County Fair exhibits aligned with California State Department of Education standards are open during FairKids Field Trips, which allows students to participate in fun, educational activities related to agriculture, art, science, literature, California heritage and life on a real farm. Free and current educational curriculum for each exhibit is posted in May so that you and your chaperones can easily educate students through our self-guided tours of the LA County Fair. Visit our Curriculum tab for pre-visit, on-site and post-visit activities.

suggestions for a successful trip

  • Have your day picked out and sign up by the end of May. Start planning your trip and complete the planning in June. The lowest attendance days are at the beginning.
  • Start recruiting parents at the beginning of the school year. Have a sign up at Back to School Night. Make sure you have enough parents for 1:4 or 5 ratio. 
  • Have each child wear a wristband with emergency contact information.
  • Have teachers/chaperons wear lanyards with contact information of teachers and other chaperones.
  • A week or so before the trip, create small groups, assign 1 parent for every 4 or 5 students. This will alleviate the problem of the teacher having to keep track of 20-35 students. Each parent is responsible for keeping track of their small group.
  • Stay together as a whole class or even as a grade level. As a whole group you are able to point out what is pertinent to your curriculum. Keep in mind that this information can be used as background knowledge, and can be referred to throughout the academic year.
  • Highlight a planned route on the map provided by the Fair. Number each stop and set a timeline to guide you through the trip. Give a copy of this map to every parent in your group. This will keep the field trip focused and on track.
  • Have a parent make a large sign on a stick with your name, room #, school, and a recognizable picture on it. When you hold this up in the crowd, it will help your students and parent volunteers follow you more easily.
  • Make sure you set clear expectations for your parents. Give a list to parents a few days prior to leaving on the field trip.