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Introduction to Alt 66

The exhibition Alt 66 will take place in September 2018 during the LA County Fair and is a selection of unique immersive environments designed for guests to experience Route 66 in essence, variations, and abstractions of its history, landmarks and roadside attractions.

Additionally, artists were encouraged to research facts and experiences of all travelers during Route 66’s history and explore these topics as well; particularly the Black, Mexican, Asian and other ethnic minority experiences. This exhibition is an opportunity to include narratives and history that are important to the understanding of life in the US during the twentieth century.

Alt 66 will lead visitors to experience the iconic “Mother Road” in a way they never thought possible as they progress from one space to another building new memories along the way.

This exhibition will provoke ideas about Route 66 that are seldom or not yet explored through 20 unique installations and will be the next interpretation of the search for our country’s compelling stories of cultural fusion from Chicago to Santa Monica and the 2,448 miles in between and beyond.

Alt 66 will be visited by nearly 100,000 guests in its 19 days during the LA County Fair.

Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internship - Summer 2018

Curatorial and Design Intern - THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED

The Millard Sheets Art Center is seeking an intern to assist in creating our annual LA County Fair art exhibition. Alt 66 is a collection of 13 individual installations that will transform the gallery into an immersive art experience. The installations are created by the individual artists and teams and vary across every medium. The intern will be working with the artists to create their installation, produce marketing material that will promote the individual artists and their installations, and provide support for planning various art projects throughout the fairgrounds.

It is important that all applicants are aware of the eligibility requirements of the Getty MUI program. This is an ideal position for students who are studying art, art administration, cultural studies, or art history.

University Sponsored Internships

Students who are eligible to receive credit from their college may apply for the following internships. Students are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Social Media and Marketing Intern

The Millard Sheets Art Center, in conjunction with the Fairplex Marketing Department, is seeking an intern to provide social media and marketing resources to increase visibility and awareness for the artists that are selected to participate in Alt 66. The intern will gain thorough, hands-on experience creating awareness and excitement for our unique exhibition.

If interested, submit your resume and cover letter to Thomas Canavan, Art Manager, at

Art Education Intern

The Millard Sheets Art Center, in partnership with The Learning Centers at Fairplex, is seeking an intern to craft an education program that will include tours and hands-on workshops for the exhibition Alt 66 at the Los Angeles County Fair. Interns will produce a calendar, program, curriculum, and visual guides for our visitors to experience our exhibition in a experiential and personal format.

If interested, submit your resume and cover letter to Thomas Canavan, Art Manager, at


We are always looking for art and creative minded individuals to support our exhibitions and projects throughout the year and especially during the LA County Fair.

If interested, submit your resume and cover letter to Thomas Canavan, Art Manager, at